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Dott is a forward-thinking startup focused on transforming urban mobility through sustainable transportation solutions. The company operates in the micromobility market, providing electric scooters and bikes for short-distance travel within cities. Dott's mission is to make cities cleaner and more livable by reducing traffic congestion and pollution.

Dott primarily serves urban residents and commuters who are looking for convenient, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional transportation methods like cars and public transit. The company operates in multiple European cities, offering a network of shared electric scooters and bikes that users can easily locate and unlock via a mobile app.

The business model is based on a pay-per-ride system, where users are charged a small fee to unlock a scooter or bike and then pay per minute of usage. This model is supplemented by subscription plans that offer unlimited rides for a fixed monthly fee. Additionally, Dott collaborates with city governments and local authorities to ensure its services are integrated into the broader urban transportation ecosystem.

Revenue is generated through ride fees, subscriptions, and potentially through partnerships with cities and local businesses. By focusing on sustainability and affordability, Dott aims to attract a broad user base while contributing to environmental goals.

In summary, Dott is a micromobility company that provides electric scooters and bikes for urban travel, targeting city dwellers and commuters. It operates on a pay-per-ride and subscription model, making money through ride fees and partnerships.

Keywords: micromobility, electric scooters, bikes, urban travel, sustainability, pay-per-ride, subscriptions, eco-friendly, city commuters, European cities.

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