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Boutique consulting firm that gives advise to companies through any stage of a business lifestyle. Learn more
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Flow Ventures is a growth capital and advisory firm with over 15 years of unparalleled experience advising companies throughout the business lifecycle. Whether your company is securing grants and tax credits like SR&ED, raising financing, or planning strategic growth or exit, the Flow Ventures team is at your disposal.

Flow Ventures was founded and is operated by serial entrepreneurs, investors, and company operators, and working with us means working with people with the experience and vast international network you need to achieve your goals.

Flow Ventures works with our clients to deploy a comprehensive support program, combining both SR&ED preparation and advisory services. This ensures that they leverage all possible resources. In this way, we help our clients advance their businesses, while maximizing their tax credits. The result is a value-added, holistic approach to corporate growth, funding and resource access.

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