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€2.5mEarly VC
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Total Funding€47.5m

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Greener.nl is a startup that provides innovative energy solutions, primarily focusing on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and mobile battery power. Their services are designed to alleviate grid congestion and provide temporary energy solutions. They cater to a wide range of clients, including shipping companies and locations with limited or no grid connection.

Their business model revolves around the supply of clean mobile shore power. For instance, they provide power to ships docked at the quay, eliminating the need for the ships to run their engines to generate electricity. They also offer mobile batteries to ease grid congestion, provide temporary grid connections, and backup power.

Greener.nl's 336 kWh lithium-ion battery containers, manufactured by BMW, are among the most potent in the mobile battery power industry. These batteries are monitored and operated 24/7, both locally and remotely, through their Energy Management System. This system also integrates with other energy assets like solar panels, grid connections, or diesel generators.

The company's solutions are designed to clip energy consumption peaks, resulting in significant savings. Their hybrid setup controls diesel generators, reducing running hours by 80% and fuel consumption by 60%. If used as a standalone power source, their batteries provide 318 kVA and 336 kWh of clean energy.

In summary, Greener.nl operates in the energy market, providing EV charging solutions and mobile battery power to a diverse range of clients. Their business model, focused on alleviating grid congestion and providing temporary energy solutions, positions them as a key player in the sustainable energy sector.

Keywords: EV Charging Solutions, Mobile Battery Power, Grid Congestion, Temporary Energy Solutions, Clean Mobile Shore Power, Energy Management System, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Peak Shaving, Hybrid Energy Setup, Sustainable Energy.

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