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Edit is a digital platform that operates in the fitness industry, providing a unique blend of services to gym owners, trainers, and members. The company's primary function is to enhance the fitness experience by offering advanced tools for tracking workouts, sharing progress, and fostering stronger trainer-client relationships.

The company serves a broad range of clients, including gym owners, fitness trainers, and gym members. Gym owners can optimize their facilities by gaining insights into equipment usage and member preferences, thereby improving their gym's capacity and results. Fitness trainers are provided with tools to create personalized workout plans and track their clients' progress, which not only saves time but also leads to better results and professional success. Gym members, on the other hand, can track their personalized workout plans, share their fitness progress, and stay motivated to train, reducing the likelihood of them leaving the gym. operates on a business model that likely involves a subscription or usage fee from gym owners or trainers for access to its advanced tools and analytics. The company might also generate revenue from partnerships with fitness equipment manufacturers, given its emphasis on premium Dutch designs.

In summary, is a promising startup that leverages technology to enhance the fitness experience for gym owners, trainers, and members. It operates in a growing market with a business model that has multiple potential revenue streams.

Keywords: Fitness, Technology, Personalized Workout Plans, Progress Tracking, Trainer-Client Relationship, Gym Optimization, Equipment Usage Analytics, Member Preferences, Premium Dutch Designs, Subscription Revenue.

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