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Market cap
Net debt
Enterprise valuation
€76m (Public information from Jun 2023)
Company register number 77824326
Amsterdam North Holland (HQ)



Revenues, earnings & profits over time
% growth-233 %154 %
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Series A


Valuation: €75.5m

Series A
Total Funding€25.1m

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Insify is a Netherlands-based startup that operates in the insurance sector, specifically catering to the needs of self-employed professionals (ZZP'ers). The company offers a range of insurance products tailored to the unique needs of this market segment, including occupational disability insurance (AOV), business liability insurance, and professional liability insurance.

Insify's business model is built around online efficiency, which allows it to offer competitive premiums. The company's processes are fully digital, which enables it to pass on savings directly to its customers, with no hidden advisory or startup costs.

The company's AOV offers flexibility, allowing customers to choose between insuring their fixed costs or a large part of their income, providing customised protection that fits within their budget. Business liability insurance covers physical damage to people and their property, while professional liability insurance covers financial damage that could occur if a client's advice goes wrong or a mistake leads to additional costs or losses for their client.

Insify also offers insurance for business assets, including inventory and goods insurance, electronics insurance, and insurance for items in a company vehicle.

In the event of a claim, Insify promises a swift and efficient process, with the aim of getting the client's business back on track as quickly as possible.

Keywords: Insurance, Self-Employed Professionals, Occupational Disability Insurance, Business Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Online Efficiency, Competitive Premiums, Business Assets Insurance, Digital Processes, Customer-Centric.

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