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WHAT DO WE DO? MisterGreen Electric Lease is the greenest and fastest growing vehicle leasing company in the Netherlands. This is down not only to the popularity of electric vehicles in the Netherlands, but also the innovative business concept deployed in the Netherlands. Below, I describe our mission in brief focusing on you, the customer. MisterGreen is an independent vehicle leasing company with no ties to a particular marque, that specialises in electric cars. MisterGreen helps you 'turn your fleet green'. MisterGreen charges a fixed fee per month that covers all operational matters, taking the financial risk completely out of your hands. We buy in the vehicles, maintain them in top condition and take care of all related matters. You enjoy an all-in service, leaving you to concentrate on what really matters - your business. OUR MISSION Fortunately, we get plenty of sunshine in the Netherlands. We already have the technology for solar-powered car travel. As a consequence, more and more vehicle manufacturers will be introducing hundred percent electric models over the coming years. Since the start of the industrial revolution – a period of two hundred years - we have consumed most of what it took the earth two billion years to form! Small wonder then that climate change is the major issue of our day. Making the workplace green is essential so that we can pass on a healthy planet to our children and the generations who come after us. How do we do this? By using alternative sources of energy. The sun is not only a logical solution; it is the solution. The lease concept at MisterGreen uses this to its advantage. The entire MisterGreen fleet runs on solar power, without making any concessions to comfort, quality and design. That is our mission!

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